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Parc naturel des plaines de l'Escaut

Parc naturel des plaines de l'EscautParc naturel des plaines de l'Escaut


L'OliveRestaurant from Loverval

Ma Bicoque

Ma BicoqueCocktail and Karaoké Bar, Tapas restaurant from Baugnies (next to Péruwelz)

Domaine du Vivier

Domaine du VivierDiscover this charming residence with rural gîte and bed & breakfast in full heart of the Loire (France). Website in french


Traiteur Depuydt[???]


La Brasserie Dubuisson

the oldest family- owned brewery in Wallonia, cherishes its independence.

Today, the Dubuisson brewery produces 5 high-quality beers(Bush Amber 12% vol, Bush Blond 10,5% vol, Cuvée des Trolls 7% vol, Bush de Noël 12% vol and Bush Prestige 13% vol)

Bush beers are not pasteurized. For optimal preservation, the beers must be stored under proper conditions: the least possible light and cool temperatures (no excessive heat). Bush beers may be stored for at least one year. All three of them are produced using malt, pure water, hops and sugar. The brewery uses no other cereal to produce its beers.

Le Nouveau Relais d'Arenberg

Le Nouveau Relais d'ArenbergRestaurant from Rebecq

Caterer Olivier Claix

Traiteur Olivier ClaixCaterer from Pipaix (next to Tournai). Website in french.

La Brasserie à Vapeur

La brasserie à vapeurThe last steam-Powered brewery of the world.

At the beginning of the 20th century, all the small villages in Belgium counted at least one firm-malt factory-brewery. In consulting the statistics, one notices that there were 3,387 breweries in 1907, but only approximately 117 in 2001, including around 20 in Wallonia...

Website in French and English.

L'Arche de Noé

l'Arche de NoéRestaurant from Tournai

Pizza Maison

Pizza MaisonRestaurant from Lesdain (next to Tournai)


Le Château du Mylord[???]

Delirium Café

Delirium CaféIn our 18th century basement, in the heart of the "Free town": the "Ilot Sacré", and only a 100 meters away from the "Grande Place" you'll find the "Delirium Café". A decoration full of old enamelled ad-panels, posters from the past time and colourful light-ads will duck you behind a world of beers and Gins. De big wooden barrels invite you to taste our different drinks: Belgian and foreign beers, on bottle or of the barrel. Old gins, fruit gins or even with chocolate taste. There is also a wide choice of whisky's, vodka's, tequila's etc..., enough to let you dream of pink elephants and bring you into the pleasant, gentle flush of the "Delirium Café".

L'Ecurie d'Ennetières

L'Ecurie d'EnnetièresRestaurant from Tournai

Jacquy Cange

Jacquy Cange, l'Artisan AffineurJacquy Cange is a cheese craftsman from Stambruges (Hainaut).

I set out to reproduce the traditional art of cheese ripening as authentically as possible.

We do not produce cheeses, but ripen original cheeses with beer, red wine, Sauternes, port, herbs, and even other flavours.

We supply more than 250 "high class restaurants" in Belgium, Paris and Holland. And now, we would like to sell our products in other countries too.

Website in French, English and German.

Le Bercha

le BerchaRestaurant from Binche

La Ferme

La FermeRestaurant from Pipaix

Auberge le XIXème

Auberge le XIXèmeSince 1822 l'Auberge has been welcoming the local clientele contentedly and with all the comfort of a country inn where people meet and get to know each other. It was originally called Café de la Paix and Café de la Place and it is only later that it became known as L'Auberge le XIXème. The name underlines the fact that it has been built in the 19th century and that it has kept its particular nature. The brothers of the Dupont family, the owners since 1985, developed on top of the accommodation, a café restaurant bar concept. The inn offers you a variety of traditional seasonal but also country products in an especially convivial café atmosphere.

Glacier Gilfi

Glacier GilfiEiscremetradition

Le Petit Mesnil

Le Petit MesnilOur hotel have 10 chambers Big Comfort, with private bathroom and TV-set, in the heart of the natural reserve of Viroin-Hermeton and of one of"the most beautiful villages of Wallonie". Our restaurant offers the possibility to eat in the dining room, on the terrace or in the garden according to the season... Our French Kitchen, with local products, trouts prepared in our way, our ice-cream made in the traditional way... and in season our game. The region offers numerous possibilities of sports and cultural leisure activities: - 250 km of signposted pedestrian routes, mountain bike, kayak,... - Guided visits of famous caves, museums, ... - The famous "steam train of 3 valleys", - And naturally, the village of Vierves-sur-Viroin, known as one of "Wallonie's more beautiful village".

Caprice de Phil

Caprice de PhilRestaurant from La Hulpe

Au plaisir des Gourmets

Au paisir des GourmetsRestaurant from Erpent (next to Namur)

La Petite Fontaine

la Petite FontaineRestaurant from Pipaix (next to Tournai)

La Butte

La ButteRestaurant from Lessines

Art et Terroir

Le MargotinRestaurant from Ath