Yesterday to today


Trading wine bottled at the property has long been our specialty, but we have always wanted to go further. What we really wanted to do was to produce special liqueurs and aperitifs. But we did not want to get down to business before holding all the cards.

We finally found these cards in 1977 when we bought the old ‘Dendal’ liquor-factory in La Louvière, Belgium. These cards turned out to be old collections of recipes dating back to 1903 and 1927. We immediately understood that we had discovered a real treasure.

Since then, we have specialized in manufacturing old style aperitifs and liqueurs according to two basic principles: we only use the best products and we always respect the tradition. Of course, we had to harmonize some preparations in order to match the actual consumer tastes. But, in general, we are proud to say that we have reproduced the best things in the best traditional way.

Our Philosophy


These 4 points are the keys of Gervin’s evolution and services for the happiness of its customers.